Information Minister justifies deputy ministerial appointments

Mr Mustapha Abdul-Hamid, the Minister of Information, has justified the seemingly high number of deputy ministers appointed by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, saying the move would ensure efficiency in governance.

He said the president’s decision was prudent as the work to restructure the country’s economy required more hands.

Reacting to the concerns raised against the number of deputy ministers appointed by the president on Wednesday, he said the decision was in line with the government’s “good policies” being executed to liberate Ghanaians from economic hardship.

Meanwhile, Mr Abdul-Hamid dismissed claims by some members of the opposition National Democratic Congress that the 110 ministers appointed by the President would do nothing but put unhealthy pressure on the public purse.

He said government sought to tackle most of the challenges that militated against the progress of the country, hence, the need to incept new ministries to propel that vision.

“Look at how my ministry and its departments have suffered neglect. If a minister is not appointed to take charge of affairs, it would soon die,” he said.

Mr Abdul-Hamid said but for the separation of his office and its subsidiaries from the Ministry of Communications, it would have remained dormant in pursuit of its mandate.

He, therefore, implored Ghanaians to disregard the criticisms and maintain confidence in the Akufo-Addo Administration.

Meanwhile, the minister pledged his commitment to revamp the Information Services Department (ISD), a subsidiary of the Ministry, which had suffered neglect from the previous government.

He said the ISD was deprived of facilities which hampered its pursuit of official mandate as the information hub of the state to provide and circulate information to help the public informed choices.

“My main objective is to retool the ISD to make it vibrant again,” he said, and that the vision would be propelled with the support of government.

Source: Ghana News Agency