Incessant tidal waves in Anlo beach render residents homeless

Residents in the Anlobeach community of the Shama District have called on the government to build a sea defence wall to control the incessant tidal waves gradually eroding the community.

Currently, more than half of the 13,000 population are displaced and their houses submerged by the angry waves.


A visit to the community by the Shama District Chief Executive, Mr Ebenezer Dadzie, the Parliamentarian of the area and the Assembly Member after a recent wave attack showed hundreds of houses destroyed.


The Secretary to the Council of elders, Mr Noble King Dugbartey, whose 10 bedroom house, was destroyed by the sea said, “when we were children…our parents never allowed us to travel the over one-kilometre sea distance from our homes but now, the sea continues to chase us”.


Over the last four years, the waves had increased and even our school with only the primary block left had to be closed last week due to the flow in the frontage,” he said.


The action of the waves, he added, has left some dead while others were now perching with families upstream.


He, therefore, prayed for immediate action either through resettlement or a sea defence to save lives and properties.


Mr Samuel Borlu, the Assembly Member of the Anlobeach Electoral Area, recounted how the sea had washed the workshop, middle school, primary and KG blocks of the 1952 Methodist school.


“Our community is under constant siege by the sea… I believe we need to rescue these perishing properties to restore hope in our residents.”


The Assembly Member added, “My family had been here for 100 years now and it’s rather unfortunate the turn of events.”


The Assistant Headmaster of the Anlo Beach Methodist school, Mr Benard Fuga, noted how the doors of the school, which had developed cracks had to be shut for five days due to the inflow of sea water.


He said, “look at the remains of the tree here…what would have happened if the children were around… I have been here for 11 years and the situation is worsening by the day.”


Meanwhile, the Member of Parliament for Shama and the District Chief Executive had pledged to resettle the community while a future hope of sea defence could be considered.


Mr Erikson Abakah, the MP, said there would be a compulsory acquisition of land and compensation paid where necessary for the relocation to begin.


The DCE added, “we are engaging with the opinion leaders to help us kick start the appropriate intervention.”


Source: Ghana News Agency

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