IMANI Could Be Sued Over Aker Energy Comments – Hadzide

If IMANI wants us to take them seriously they need to check and double check before they engage with the public in the manner that you did. [There was a] Major press conference [by IMANI] to ask questions that could have been found by just going to the Registrar General.

When the Kelni GVG issue came you knew how to find the owners and you did not just allude to it so you know what to do. You cannot do that especially when you are on record to have done the proper thing before. Otherwise people will be justified to suspect mischief and therefore will want to demand apology or even proceed to court to sue for defamation, the Deputy Minister of Information, Pius Hadzide said.

According to the Deputy Minister, IMANI Africa failed to conduct thorough research before raising red flag over the deal.

IMANI at a press briefing indicated that the country could lose 30 billion dollars due to the nature of the agreement covering the discovery and pointed to a potential conflict of interest involving GNPC Boss, Dr K.K Sarpong.

Though government has denied the allegations and Dr K.K Sarpong and Fuel Trade have asked for an apology but IMANI is insisting there is no need for an apology.

Source: Modern Ghana