Huawei’s EMUI 9.0 enables users to multitask

Accra, Huawei, a leading technology company says its new custom operating system Emotion UI (EMUI 9.0) comes with the all-new gesture navigation mode.

A statement copied to the Ghana News Agency said the system helps improve upon the already stellar Full-View user experience.

It stated that the system provides users with the opportunity to switch things up and use other app when operating their device with one-handed effectively.

In the all-new gesture navigation mode, you can easily swipe from the edges of the screen towards the centre to get around the device, allowing you to assume full control of the device with a single hand, it said.

Swipe up to access the multitask interface, or swipe from edges to the centre to return to the previous screen.

The statement noted that the new navigation mode replaces the buttons with simple gestures and was available on the new Huawei devices.

Not only is this more ergonomic, a big change it brings is, it takes away the bar entirely! Good riddance we say the fewer competitors fighting for screen real estate, the better, it stated.

Source: Ghana News Agency