Huawei Y7 Prime 2019 now Available in Faux Leather

Accra- Huawei, a technology company has announced that it Y7 Prime 2019 device has been designed in faux leather.

A statement copied to the Ghana News Agency, said the new design follows the Y-Series models came in Faux Leather out doored early this year.

It said Y5 Prime 2019 and Y6 Prime 2019 were the first to have the design; recently, the company has added Y7 Prime 2019 the special Edition with 64GB to the Faux Leather Family.

The statement said the Amber Brown edition features an interesting appearance that gives it a leather-like look.

It said, This is a micron-level leather texture engraving process where soft-touch paint is used to present a fine faux leather texture. Giving the metallic phone cover a leather-like pattern is a bold and innovative attempt at enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the model.

The Amber Brown edition delivers elegant and fashionable aesthetics, while featuring a fingerprint-proof design, so you don’t have to worry about fingerprint marks as you would with a glass-bodied phone.

The statement said the developing a faux leather texture in its design, the Amber Brown Huawei Y5, Y6 and Y7 Prime 2019 were examples of breakthrough in how technology and art could go hand-in-hand.

It said the Y5 and Y6 Prime 2019 were available in all authorized shops nationwide selling hot at GH519 and GH699. Y7 Prime 2019 special edition is available at Telefonika, Melcom and CompuGhana shops nationwide.

Source: Ghana News Agency