Huawei launches 2019 Y7 Prime

Accra- Huawei, a global telecommunication giant, has announced the launch of its all-new Y7 Prime 2019, which is an upgrade on the foundation of Huawei Y7 2018.

The new Huawei Y7 prime comes with a class-leading camera performance, the Huawei Dewdrop display which offers an outstanding screen-to-body ratio in a regular design that looks and feels both sleek and premium.

A statement copied to the Ghana News Agency, in Accra on Wednesday, said that the phone housed a 4000mAh battery, with longer lifespan, which allowed it to keep up with today’s youth with minimal interruptions.

The back of the device is designed to look like a compact camera, highlighting its upgraded camera capabilities, which include a wider aperture, as well as improved low light performance, it said.

The new Huawei Y7 Prime 2019 has a 6.26-inch Dewdrop display which is higher than the industry’s average of 13+2MP dual cameras with a Master AI support for a superior photography capability, which can last for two days when fully charged and moderately used.

The model has been designed to protect the eye from excessive and continuous exposure to blue light, typically emitted by LCD and LED displays, which has a negative effect on the human eyes.

It has a TAV Rhineland certified Eye Protection Mode, which, when enabled, automatically adjusts the colours of the display and reduces the intensity of the blue light.

Furthermore, the feature can filter all light outside the visible spectrum, including ultraviolet and infrared light and also has the eye protection mode which is ideal for users who have a habit of to spending long periods of time with their devices gaming and watching videos.

The new features also include an intelligent integrated smart battery management system, which automatically detects battery intensive apps and alerts the user when they are running in the background.

It also supports Dual 4G, Dual VoLTE, which enables the users to simultaneously use one SIM to conduct calls, while using the other for cellular data.

The two SIM cards can be issued by different operators.

The feature supports expandable storage of up to 512GB via the microSD card slot together with the 32GB internal storage.

It has more than enough space for all images, videos, documents and games to share.

The phone comes in Aurora Blue, Midnight Black and Coral Red, incorporating the colours of nature onto the design of its ceramic back plate.

Its back plate has a polycarbonate coating that gives it better durability and makes it resistant to scratches.

Source: Ghana News Agency