House of Chiefs reposes confidence in the youth to fight corruption

Accra- Even though the fight against corruption in Ghana has virtually become a lost battle for successive governments since independence, members of the National House of Chiefs now hold the firm belief that young people [students and youth] who are the future leaders have what it takes to end the corruption in Ghana.

In a statement issued and signed by Togbe Afede XIV and Daasebre Nana Kwebu Ewusi VII, President and Vice President of the National House of Chiefs respectively, the Chiefs maintained that the youth could put the fear of God in the leaders if they could replace agitations over trivial matters with matters that affect their future, their job opportunities and the development of Ghana.

According to the traditional rulers, it was high time students of the various learning institutions in particular fully took up the fight against corruption by compelling the leaders of the nation to realize that they were voted or appointed to serve the nation and not their parochial interest.

They charged them to be curious, concerned and assertive to demand vivid accountability from all duty bearers on all resources entrusted to them for national development.

The statement challenged the young people of Ghana to see corruption, and everything that worked against national unity, peace and development as their common enemy.

Our future leaders must not allow themselves to be used by self-seekers, as serial callers, let alone vigilantes, to attack the few people who dare to speak for them. And they certainly must not aspire to entering politics for the purpose of enriching themselves.

Our leaders have abused our democracy, and the trust of the people, for far too long. When voted, elected or appointed into positions of trust, they suddenly become the kind of leaders they claimed to despise. They become indifferent to the suffering of the people, and even argue that such suffering is self-inflicted.

The statement observed that, some of the leaders had become so conditioned by privilege and so blinded by greed that they consider exclusivity a crime only when they did not receive the benefits. Adding, So, selfishly, they think only about themselves and create opportunities only for themselves.

The members of the National House of Chiefs therefore called for a complete change in attitude from all Ghanaians � the politicians, the judiciary, chiefs, Ghanaians in the diaspora, workers, students and the youth in general to be able to fight corruption.

Source: Ghana News Agency