Hospital staff urged to develop team work

Bolgatanga Mr Zakariah Yakubu, the Head of Administration of the Upper East Regional Hospital, Bolgatanga, has called on the staff to imbibe the spirit of team work to achieve greater results for the benefit of their clients.

We should carry the spirit of team work, if we are going to be assessed anywhere, any day, it will be by team inputs and not the input of any individual. We are working in a team and that team is the Regional Hospital, he said at a durbar.

The durbar brought together all categories of staff and afforded them the opportunity to interact with management and put their grievances across for redress.

Mr Yakubu said: Whatever you think we can all do to facilitate the work of others, let’s all do it so that together we can move, and whatever glory comes as part of our work, it comes to the Hospital and all of us will share in the glory.

He urged the staff to continue to work hard and take good care of their patients adding: If we don’t take care of the clients we see and create systems that are lackadaisical. when it comes to us, we will fall victims of the same system.

He commended the staff for their commitment to work and expressed the hope that they would improve on their performance.

Mr Bernard Anankor, the Upper East Regional Chief Nursing Officer, expressed concern about the inappropriate dress code worn by some nurses in various health facilities, which did not portray them as professionals.

He said some nurses designed their own uniforms that did not conform to the prescribed professional uniform, and warned that no nurse should wear any uniform not in conformity to his or her rank.

Madam Mary Kalim, the Deputy Director of Nursing Services (DDNS) of the Hospital, admonished staff, especially nurses, to treat patients with respect and adhere to proper communication channels to address their problems.

She observed that some staff often did not attend to patients properly, thereby increasing the stress they were already enduring.

If you meet patients or their relatives with laboratory requests or any form of request, please help them and proceed to where ever you are going.

The DDNS emphasized that student nurses on clinical attachment were there to learn the practical aspect of the nursing profession, and charged staff to endeavour to teach them the techniques of patient care and proper communication skills with clients.

Madam Kalim said the nursing profession was very stressful and advised colleagues to ensure that they often rested enough after work to regain their energy for the next day’s work.

Source: Ghana News Agency