Hospital complains about overpowering stench from refuse pile

Offinso (Ash), The management of the Saint Patrick’s Hospital at Offinso, has expressed deep worry about the overpowering stench from a huge pile of refuse, left standing outside the walls of the facility.

Mr. Alex Sarfo, the Administrator, said this had become a big bother and giving them sleepless nights.

They had been spending large sums of money to periodically fumigate the place to fight mosquitoes, houseflies and other dangerous reptiles.

Residents in four Offinso cluster communities have been dumping waste at the place and he told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that several petitions made to the municipal assembly to tackle the unhealthy situation, were yet to receive any positive response.

That, he indicated, was creating a lot of discomfort for the patients, doctors, nurses and other personnel of the hospital.

He renewed the appeal to the assembly to act quickly to clear the mountain of garbage and to find a more suitable dumping site for the people.

Mr. Solomon Kesse, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), when contacted, gave firm assurance that the site would be cleared.

He said the assembly had made environmental sanitation one of its major priorities and that everything would be done to tidy the place and turn into a car park.

He added that containers would be provided for people in the four communities, who had been using the place as refuse dump.

Mr. Kesse said detailed plans for this had already been discussed and agreed by the assembly.

Source: Ghana News Agency