Hon. Osafo Marfo Should Quit The Hypocrisy; Ghana Is Part Of An Interdependent International Community

Former President John Mahama met members of the international community and key amongst the issues discussed was the unprecedented state-sponsored violence supervised by the Minister of State in charge of National security. The Senior Minister felt unjustifiably aggrieved and has subsequently launched a scathing attack on the former President. Center for Progressive Governance (CenProG) in no uncertain terms would like to condemn this act of hypocrisy on the part of the Senior Minister and would like to admonish that he focused on the Economic Ministries under his office to save the ailing economy.

CenProG finds it disingenuous that a government that recently threw all form of caution to the wind to defend a military cooperation agreement with the US against the very wishes of its citizenry would find fault with a harmless interaction with members of the International Community. This is the highest form of hypocrisy because the NPP whiles in opposition on countless occasions petitioned and/or engaged the International Community either through elected officials or assigns.

Where was Hon. Osafo Marfo when in 2015, the NPP at the end of its 3rd International Conference in Hamburg issued a communique asking the International Community to take a keen interest in the 2016 elections? Is Hon. Osafo Marfo not aware that the NPP took its call for a fresh voter register for the 2016 elections international by engaging the ECOWAS and to the extent of reaching out to the British and French Prime Ministers as well as the German Chancellor? The then Acting General Secretary of the NPP, John Boadu and Communication Director, Nana Akomea also trumpeted at various times the need for the intervention of the International Community when the house of then flagbearer of NPP, Nana Akuffo Addo was allegedly attacked; where was Hon. Osafo Marfo?

For someone who believes that it is only people who from specific ethnic groups that are fit for leadership, it is not surprising that he found nothing wrong with all the times the NPP engaged the International Community but suddenly sees everything wrong when President Mahama does same. Such behaviour is condemnable and undeserving of a Minister of his stature. We would like to believe that had any of his two(2) sons who have been appointed into the public sector regardless of an embargo on employment been victims of the state-sponsored terrorism, he would probably not have had any qualms with what President Mahama did. Mr. Senior Minister, the victims of the violence at Ayawaso West Wuguon also have families and they also love them just like you do to your sons!

Hon. Osafo Marfo must take note that Ghana has and will always be a part of a larger interdependent International Community and so just as the NPP in opposition and now in power has every right to engage members of the community, all other political parties in the country can equally do same. What he, therefore, must do is to advise his government to act in a manner that is just and fair to all and devoid of political bias.

The Senior Minister at his vetting indicated that his duty was to coordinate the economic ministries, a job he has so far failed at. The Senior Minister should redirect his focus on his mandate and not use hypocrisy as a smokescreen for his inefficiency.

Source: Modern Ghana