Hollard Life Assurance launches new products

Accra Management of Hollard Life Assurance has introduced three new products to offer policy holders unique opportunities and a secured future.

The products are named, Adepa Three, and includes ‘Adepa wo Fie’, ‘Adepa Goal Save’, and ‘Adepa Saving Plan’.

Speaking during the launch in Accra, Mr Nashiru Iddrisu, the Managing Director of Hollard Life Assurance Ghana, said he was excited, the Life Insurance industry in Ghana is competitive and thriving.

He said with over 20 industry players, any company worth its salt must be innovative in its approach to service delivery.

It added, it was not just about simple life policies – it was about the innovative benefits and terms that make difference in policy holders’ futures.

He said the Adepa Wo Fie is a simple family-oriented plan with a single premium, where your spouse and five of your children are covered for free. With as low as GH27.00 a month, you can cover 7 members of your family.

He explained that with the ‘Adepa Goal Save’, it was designed for everyone with a specific target goal within a medium to long term.

Adepa Savings Plan’ is designed for those who have a need for savings and a much secured future especially those, who earn regular incomes.

He said as part of the company’s strategy to provide value-added products, and a first in the market, last year, it launched the Adepa Family Plan, a product that covers every member of the family and up to 24 others.

Mr Iddrisu said the plan also gives free cover to five of the policyholder’s children with a guaranteed 20 per cent of premium as money back after every five years, whether a claim was made or not.

He said a total of GH33.7 million worth of cover has been insured by the Company for individuals and their dependents or families, since the introduction of its Adepa Family Plan in September last year.

He said it was upon the success of the Adepa Family Plan, that the company introduced the ‘Adepa Three’.

We leverage on technology, innovative distribution channels and skilled professionals with the right pedigree to manage life risks, be they individual, family or corporate, he added.

Source: Ghana News Agency