Health workers in the Bono Region receive Covid 19- vaccine

Sunyani, Dr Kofi Amo -Kodieh, Bono Regional Director of the Ghana Health Service, on Monday received the first inoculation of the COVID-19 vaccine, after briefing the press about the arrival of the vaccine in the Region.

He told the press that the Directorate had received about 7,500 doses of the vaccine to cover over 8,000 health personnel in the Region, adding that another consignment to vaccinate security officers, the media and people with underlying diseases and later extend to the general public would arrive soon.

Dr Amo- Kodie urged the public to continue to comply with the health safety protocol to save themselves and the lives of others who may not get the chance to be vaccinated, adding that the Region even though did not recorded large cases last year had one death.

The Region this year alone, had recorded over 1,300 cases with almost 30 deaths, he said.

He assured the public of the safety of the vaccine since it has been tested and approved to be safe and harmless.

Dr Amo- Kodie said all those who would be vaccinated after going through the registrations process will be monitored for about 15 minutes to see if there will be any reaction before they would be allowed to go home.

Dr Ekow Otoo, a Deputy Bono Regional Director of the Ghana Health Service (GHS) in-charge of Public Health, emphasized that taking one dose of the vaccine indicated that the person was partially protected and another dose in two months will give full protection from the disease.

He asked those ready to be vaccinated to drink a lot of water, eat well to help minimize reactions after the injection.

Dr Otoo mentioned dizziness, headache, vomiting and swelling of the shoulder as some of the possible reactions and asked the public to expect some of these mild reactions after the vaccine, adding that those who may have experienced the reactions for longer hours and days may visit the nearest hospital for further investigations.

He gave the assurance that even though taking the vaccine was not compulsory, the directorate was committed to ensure that every one got vaccinated to help built the individual’s immunity so that together the battle of COVID- 19 diseases could be won.

Source: Ghana News Agency