Harry Buernortey Agbugbla launches book on “Pythagoras’ Theorem and Trigonometry.”

Accra, Mr Harry Buernortey Agbugbla, a Teacher at the Accra High Senior High School (SHS) has launched a book on Pythagoras’ Theorem and Trigonometry.

The book, which would guide both teaching staff and students on the simplest formulae and calculations to teach and to pass mathematics explains all the difficult procedures of tackling mathematics questions.

Dr Richard Kofi, a Civil Consultant and Mathematician said the way the materials and the topics in the book was treated was an appreciation and understanding of basic mathematics and that the book would impact the knowledge and understanding of mathematics, especially, Pythagoras and geometric, in many students that see mathematics as a difficult subject.

He appealed to the Ghana Education Service (GES) to immediately make it a standard one for schools to benefit and called on the government to encourage writers to come out with more books treated like it.

Mr Agbugbla said Pythagoras theorem and geometry was one of the topic areas that students find problematic and the book was designed in a manner that students will find it easy to dealt with.

He said the book was comprehensive and self-explanatory that students could follow without the explanation of teachers to understand the concept.

Mr Agbugbla said the book was also designed in line with GES syllabus as well as covered the West African Examination Council 2017 syllabus and would help to solve partly the challenges of students that feared mathematics.

He said some parts of the book treated how students could answer questions in mathematics following the guide lines. It is pocket size and the idea is to make mathematics a pocket study subject for students, unlike other books that are very bulky.

When I was at the Teacher Training College, there was one subject which was quite challenging and what I saw was that, some of my mates broke the spine of the handout by bits. At a point they could pick five sheets and wherever they were going, even in the toilet, they studied it and will make sure they exhausted the content.

Mr Agbugbla said his engagement with Junior High Schools, SHS and Remedial students over the past years had inspired him to write the book and that the approach adopted in the book reflects his style of teaching.

The Author has a teaching experience of 17 years and has taught mathematics for more than 10 years.

Source: Ghana News Agency