Haller feeling ‘good’ after cancer treatment, moved by big support

Düsseldorf, Aug 30, (dpa/GNA) – Borussia Dortmund striker, Sebastien Haller, has said he is continuing his recovery from testicular cancer, and urged other players to undergo tests to detect such an illness.

Haller was last month diagnosed with a testicular tumour which after its removal was diagnosed as malignant.

He underwent chemotherapy and told the Dutch division of broadcasters ESPN, published on Tuesday, that he is now in rehabilitation.

“I am feeling good. I could eat well and I am controlling my body every day. I didn’t lose that much weight after two weeks and am even at the level from a few months ago. That is a good sign and I hope it stays that way,” he said.

Haller said he has already visited a gym and was working on his fitness, adding that his return to the pitch will take a few months.

“It is important that I don’t lose too much muscle mass. I must stay fit. The most important thing now is that my body feels good,” he said.

“But the big goal is of course to play in front of the yellow wall [of fans] and to score my first goal. That will be a nice and emotional moment,” Haller said.

Haller joined Dortmund from Dutch champions Ajax in summer and the diagnosis came shortly before the start of the season.

He named the diagnosis a big shock but was deeply moved by the big concern and support because it was “something I would have never expected from these people in this world of football” and gave him “additional motivation” to recover.

Bundesliga clubs have no special cancer examinations for their players, but Haller was the third in the league to be diagnosed with a testicular tumour this year, following Hertha Berlin’s Marco Richter and Timo Baumgartl from Union Berlin.

As a result, he urged young players to have their blood examined, saying: “You have no symptoms. You don’t feel it. That’s why it is important to make many tests because it can happen to everyone, especially young men.”

Source: Ghana News Agency