GUTA E-Zone office inaugurated

Accra, The Ghana Union of Traders Association, in partnership with West Blue Consult on Thursday inaugurated an E-Zone office to pave the way for traders to have unlimited access to trade information.

The office space would serve as a place where traders can walk in at any time to make use of the innovative technology which would shape and align them with the ease of doing business.

Dr Barima Nana Kweku Ofori, GUTA President, said the launch of the E-Zone office is a way of facilitating the clearance procedures at the ports as well as providing first-hand information on trade transactions to traders.

He said the new era of innovative technology and globalization, has not only shaped how they do business positively but has also made the process of trade very easy.

Dr Ofori said the Ghana National Single Window has shown to the trading community that government has attached so much significance to the clearance system in the country, and once this is achieved, the one stop shop idea for clearing imports would also come into the picture.

He said the E-Zone would also provide easy access to information at all levels of imports and urged traders in and around the world to support the system, make good use of it, so that all problems with delay in imports would be resolved within the shortest possible time.

Dr Ofori said efforts are being made to replicate the same facility at Abbosy Okai and Kumasi, and later in all regional capitals.

Mr Aweya Julius Kantum, Head Customs Technical Service Bureau, said E-Zones serve as entry points in trade facilitation, and accessibility and quality of information are very important in trade transactions.

He said with the inauguration of the E-Zone center, traders who have enquiries would no longer go to the Customs Headquarters, but now to the facility at any time to have their concerns resolved.

Mr Kantum said when people have access to information, they know what is at stake and what is expected of them and his outfit is always ready to provide good quality information to its partners.

With the E-Zone center, all information would be uploaded unto the system, clearance would be faster, all bottlenecks in the system are removed and cost of doing business is reduced, he said.

Mr Kantum said trade facilitation is also about compliance and expressed the hope that the office would go a long way to benefit the trade community in the country.

He urged traders to make good use of the facility, go there to access information on import transactions, and always insist on their rights any time they have difficulty access basic information.

The facility I can concur will make your members have unlimited access to get quick responses to their general enquiry and also have their technical problems solved immediately.

Mr Abel Daitey, Projects Manager, West Blue Consultants, expressed delight in partnering with GUTA to come out with this facility in their own environment to assist members in doing great business.

He said this facility has been created at your own convenience and your own trade member has been trained to manage it at your convenience so make the best out of it.

Change has come, and has come into the way we do business so we must adapt to the new system. Use the facility to lift the veil, as access to credible information would make traders more powerful in this new era, Mr Daitey added.

Source: Ghana News Agency