GTA launches website and call centre

Accra� The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) on Tuesday launched its official website: and a tourism call centre to promote Ghana’s tourism domestically and internationally, in Accra.

The website would highlight and project tourist attractions in Ghana, the hospitality sector, media relations, events and GTA’s contacts, while the call centre would receive complainants and enquiries about tourism in general.

MS Catherine Afeku, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture said the initiative of the GTA was a laudable one.

She said the GTA website would be used to market the African Tourism Leadership Forum, the 2018 World Tourism Day Celebration, the ‘fun and fly’ paragliding festival and the 2019 ‘Year of Return’ event.

The Minister, whose speech was read on her behalf, said all these events contribute to the promotion and marketing of Ghana’s tourism sector.

With the competition to attract tourists to various destinations, the GTA is up to the task of aspiring to make Ghana the preferred destination, she said.

MsAfeku urged stakeholders, including the media, to support the endeavour to propagate Ghana’s tourism to enable the country to reap the necessary and desired benefit.

MrAkwesiAgyemang, Chief Executive Officer, GTA, said the authority wants to champion the digital transformation within the industry with the launch of the website, which would just be one leg of the transformation.

He said the launch of the website, was aimed at creating a single window that every industry practitioner would access tourism information.

This is a portal, which would have legs on several social media platforms.

We have also established a visitor and convention bureau, which is aimed at using the right language to be able to attract the business tourist that we needed in the country, he said.

MrAgyemang said the Call Centre was basically meant to create an opportunity and avenue to collect feedback quickly in real time so that they could be acted on.

The Call Centre at the back of the website is to bring us closer to the general public, including visitors, tourists, operators among others, and serve as a one stop shop for calls, he said.

Briefing the media on other upcoming activities of the GTA, he said the African Tourism Leadership Forum is a Pan �African dialogue platform that brings together key stakeholders from African’s travel, tourism, hospitality and aviation sectors to network.

It also serve as a platform to share insight and devise strategies for sustainable travel and tourism development across the continent, while enhancing Brand Africa equity.

The forum would be organized by the GTA in partnership with Africa Tourism Partners South Africa.

The Year of Return is about the 2019 PANAFEST and Emancipation Day, which would mark 400 years of the abolition of Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

It is also to encourage brothers and sisters of the African Family to return to Ghana and for that matter Africa to invest and help develop their roots.

The United Nations World Tourism Day is also celebrated annually to highlight the potentials of tourism as a valuable source of livelihood for millions of Ghanaians and the world at large.

It has contributed phenomenally to the economic growth and development at the national and local levels.

MrAkwasiAgyemang said another paragliding festival for corporate bodies, dubbed fun and fly, would be organised in Kwahu to coincide with the 2018 World Tourism Day celebration in September.

Source: Ghana News Agency