Group protests against faulty CT scan at Korle-Bu

Accra- A group calling itself the Value for Life Campaign, an initiative of Radio Gold, an Accra-based FM station, on Friday held a protest against the recent deaths at the hospital due to the lack of a working Computerized Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

The group which presented a petition to the Director of Administration of the Hospital for onward delivery to the management of the facility and the Minister for Health, said the lack of the scanners due to the breakdown of the available one was unacceptable.

The group stormed the KBTH where the Minister for Health had earlier inaugurated the Board of the hospital and was inspecting the new Accident and Emergency Centre, due to be commissioned next week, holding up placards and playing music.

The managers know the importance of a CT scan when it comes to medical care and for three months or maybe more, a CT scan; the largest in the country is non-functional and we think it’s ok, it’s not ok for us as a people, said Mr Samuel Eshun, one of the Conveners of the group and Programmes Director at Radio Gold.

He cited the incident of the 70-year-old man, who after visiting several hospitals and being rejected, was also turned away by Korle-bu.

He said the group was concerned about these incidents, including the lack of ambulances and KATH not receiving some referrals.

The petition called on the management of the hospital to, as a matter of urgency, engage the providers of the equipment to have them fixed to serve its purpose, noting that a life lost as result of the absence of the scanners was a dent, not only on the hard won reputation of the hospital but also a loss to the nation.

We call on you as management of this hospital to take action now and we mean now! he said.

Among the protestors was Ms Hannah Louisa Bisiw, former Member of Parliament for Tano South Constituency and former Deputy Minister of Agriculture.

There were also some members of the public who had been affected in some way the by the lack of the CT scan and other issues in the health care system.

Mr Nuru-Deen Mohammed, Director or Administration, who received the petition on behalf of management of the hospital, assured the group that the necessary approvals had been received from the Ministry of Health and work had already started to fix the faulty CT scan.

He said the Ministry has also assured them that government was procuring another CT Scan for the Hospital, which will be delivered soon.

He assured them that the petition will be forwarded to management of KBTH and the Health Minister as requested.

Source: Ghana News Agency