Graphic Communications Group endorses ‘Punctuality Campaign’

Accra, The Graphic Communications Group Limited (GCGL) has endorsed the ‘Punctuality Campaign’, which is aimed at promoting punctuality in all spheres of the society.

The campaign, being championed by the Punctuality Ghana Foundation, is geared towards reinforcing President Nana AddoDankwa Akufo-Addo’s call for punctuality, and the need to do away with the canker of lateness to official and public functions.

Mr Ransford Tetteh, Acting Managing Director of the Graphic Communications Group Limited, endorsed the campaign in Accra on Wednesday when he met the team of Punctuality Ghana, led by Mr Emmanuel Amarquaye, the Founder, and a Punctuality Crusader.

Already, some officials and public figures including Mr Mustapha Hamid, the Minister of Information; Mr Mike Aaron Ocquaye, Speaker of Parliament; Mr Ignatius Bafuor Awuah, Minister of Labour and Employment; Apostle Dr Opoku Onyinah, Chairman of the Church of Pentecost; and Mr Prince Kofi Amparbeng, President of UT Holdings; have all endorsed the campaign.

The team of crusaders would in February seek audience with President Akufo-Addo to get his endorsement before rolling out series of activities under the campaign to awaken the consciousness of Ghanaians on the need to be punctual at all times.

Mr Tetteh commended the crusaders of their mission to mobilise the public in observing and keeping time.

He said Graphic will throw its weight behind the campaign to make it a success, even though the course would be a long and frustrating journey.

He, however, urged the Crusaders to keep up with what they had set out to do and even begin another crusade of naming and shaming, particularly public office holders who are keeping us behind every now and then by their attitudes, time and punctuality so that they will sit up.

Mr Amarquaye, on his part, said the crusade would need the support from parents, educational institutions and everybody to make it successful.

He noted that the values of honesty, being punctual and hardworking that keeps the Ghanaian society going were all being lost.

And so the beginning point to getting us to be punctual and hard working and having love for our country, start from inculcating the right values into the children, he said.

He said the issue of law and order, poor city planning, indiscriminate road blocks, high road traffic, all have effect on punctuality and time management and that also hinders the movement of people -causing unnecessary delays.

He said time plays a critical role if Ghana wanted to eliminate corruption in the country, explaining that if all the bureaucracies were cut down, people could get services faster and on time and there would be no need to exchange any monies that goes into peoples’ pockets instead of the national coffers.

Getting services, licenses, land titles and passports are all affected by time where officers delay in providing such services, and use the lapse of time to engage in corrupt practices, Mr Amarquaye noted.

He called on all Ghanaians, particularly, the state officials, city authorities, law enforcement agencies, and traffic regulators to rise up to the occasion and work hard to help reduce time and be punctual in their dealings.

Naa Meryeh Quanynor-Mettle, Project Coordinator of Punctuality Ghana Foundation, said under the campaign, a number of activities including the installation of clocks in public places, going on walks and floats, holding of public fora, workshops and conferences, and the display of punctuality signages in offices and public places would be rolled out in promoting punctuality.

There would also be mounting of mobile human signages at roundabouts and major streets, and unannounced visits to workplaces, schools, churches and other public events.

We also intend to take practical steps to impress upon government to deal with the roadblocks that frustrate our ability to be punctual she added.

Source: Ghana News Agency


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