Gov’t flouting directive for neutrality allowance payment with impudence – CLOGSAG vex

The Civil and Local Government Staff Association, Ghana (CLOGSAG) is lamenting what it believes is government’s lack of commitment to the payment of the political neutrality allowance due its members.

The concern comes after the National Labour Commission (NLC) directed the Ministry of Finance on a payment plan of the allowance.

A week after that order however, CLOGSAG is yet to receive payment compelling the striking association to continue with its strike .

Executive Secretary of CLOGSAG, Isaac Bampoe Addo said the Finance Ministry is being disingenuous with the agreement reached by the parties involved.

“That directive from the National Labour Commission that they [Finance Ministry] sends instruction to the Controller and Accountant General for the payment of the allowance has still not been done as we speak. That should have been done last week as directed by the NLC”, he said on Eyewitness News.

Isaac Bampoe Addo further lamented the current turn of events thus questioning the delay in the payment.

“If two parties have gone to the National Labour Commission and there has been a directive and the Ministry of Finance with impudence doesn’t comply with the directive, what signals are they sending? NLC has directed the payment and the Finance Ministry has still not done it.”

The demand for the allowance has been criticized by many including Civil Society Organizations yet, the association says the strike will not be called off until its demands are met.

Government business is being heavily affected with many Ghanians seeking the services of CLOGSAG members continue to be stranded .

There have been calls for the striking workers to rather push for better salaries and improved service conditions but they insist government must do due diligence and get the political neutrality allowance paid.

“The allowance is just a minute part of our conditions of service. The whole conditions of service are even yet to be tackled. The allowance was a decision taken by government to be implemented in 2022 so the payment structure is tackled in 2023. That was the agreement and the Finance Ministry is flouting the directive with impudence. It is the Ministry of finance that is not playing ball. We wonder what is happening”, Mr. Addo added.

Source: Modern Ghana