Good Friday is the greatest day for Christians – Bishop Heward-Mills

Accra- Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, the Founder and Presiding Bishop of the United Denomination of Light House Group of Churches, said Good Friday is the greatest day for Christians.

This Day is the greatest for Christians because Christ died to pay the price of our sins to bring us closer to God, he said.

Good Friday has been marked annually as an important day on the Christian calendar, observed worldwide by all Christians.

He called on all, especially Christians, to reflect on the significance of the Day, ask for forgiveness of sins and make amends with God.

Bishop Heward-Mills was giving the Good Friday Message during a service held at the Independence Square in Accra, attended by hundreds of church members, who worshipped and prayed to God for His blessings.

He preached the significance of Easter to the lives of believers, and urged Christians not to make the pain and suffering Jesus went through to be in vain.

The only way to show your gratitude to God is to give your life to Jesus and be true born-again. If the many of us who claimed to be Christians are true Christians, there would be great change in Ghana, Bishop Heward-Mills said.

All who have ever made a mistake before, now have the opportunity, through the death of Jesus Christ, to turn around and ask for forgiveness and God will definitely forgive them.

He said Christians, especially those in politics, must stand for Christ and live to serve others truthfully and in humility.

He reminded society of the importance of the Church, which continued to intercede for nations, while politicians come and go, stating that it was only Jesus that could save humanity and not any political party.

Dubbed the: Good Friday Miracle Service, it attracted hundreds of congregants and spectators who filled the Independence Square to capacity.

They prayed for the wellbeing of the nation and asked God for His protection against accidents and calamities that might retard the progress made, especially in the next election year.

Bishop Heward-Mills revealed that his mission, as a servant of God, was to build 2,000 churches across Ghana to propagate the Good News of Salvation to all humanity.

Source: Ghana News Agency