GOIL reduces fuel prices again


Tema,- GOIL Company Limited has reduced the price of a litre of Super XP RON95 from GH¢6.70 to GH¢6.60 and Diesel XP also from GH¢6.


70 to GH¢6.60, GOIL Corporate Affairs statement copied to the Ghana News Agency in Tema on Friday stated.


GOIL on November 23rd, reduced the price per liter of fuel, by GH¢0.14, then again on December 7th reduced it by GH¢0.15, and on December 17th reduced further down by GH¢0.10.


According to the statement, GOIL has a large and growing retail network of unparalleled geographical spread, currently comprising more than 400 service stations, and over 150 bulk consumer outlets spread across the country.


The consumer outlets include companies, schools, hospitals, factories, hotels, and banks amongst others. In addition, there are a number of other retail outlets established to market premix fuel and kerosene to rural areas.


The Company?s geographical spread places it first in terms of the distribution of petroleum products and its network enables its products to reach virtually all parts of the country.


GOIL fuel is widely preferred because of the many advantages; GOIL sells additive fuels that give high performance. GOIL fuel is economical because it reduces fuel consumption and maintenance costs; it is efficient because it disperses water and improves combustion and it also reduces fumes and toxic emissions.


Source: Ghana News Agency

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