God holds the key to solving national problems

Tema, The Senior Pastor of Grace Baptist Church, Sakumono, Tema says there are many problems in the world because the world does not depend on God to solve its issues.

Reverend Frank Addae, who is also the District Head of the Baptist Church in Tema, says one of the things missing from the world is the lack of reliance on Christ “and that is why there is a lot of problems in the world.”

He was the Guest Speaker at the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ by the congregants of the First Baptist Church, Community Five, Tema.

Rev. Addae observed how the United Nations (UN), Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the Media were campaigning for peace in the world “but there would be no peace because the one who can bring peace has been rejected.”

He said if we could serve God and give ourselves to him as a nation, there would be peace and Ghana will see an end to corruption, greed, theft and all manner of evil doings.

He observed that there was a famine for God in the land “which has led us into the hands of foreign gods, but we have never turned back to God.”

“This is why some are distressed and want solutions and wonder when God will intervene. But hope comes when one turns to God,” he said.

He indicated that God was the only one who could solve our problems because he was the one who had led people and nations that had depended on him to battle “and has proven over the years to be a man of war, a hero and a champion.”

Rev. Victor Brew, an Associate Pastor of the First Baptist Church, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA), said Ghana was struggling with economic and moral issues as a nation, but, “I wish to tell the leaders that Jesus still remains the power and wisdom of God in solving problems, and so He will see us through the economic, health, etc. challenges if we rely on him.”

He observed that the church was accessible should the political leaders turn to them for guidance adding “in terms of church-state relations, we can collaborate better even though some efforts have been made in the past.”

He informed that while the state did its bid to solve the problems of the nation, they should always remember that their efforts would be perfected with the spiritual complements of the church.

Source: Ghana News Agency