Ghana’s Electoral Commission (EC) is determined in doing everything to deliver lawful, credible, fair, transparent and inclusive polls on Dec 7, says its Chairperson, Charlotte Osei.

“I am confident we will succeed. We have history with us; we have a reputation for delivery in Africa. I am convinced that our recent innovation and reforms have strengthened us, and have modernized us as an institution,” she said in London over the weekend.

In a speech to the Royal Institute of International Affairs, she said the reforms which the EC had embarked upon would empower it to deliver another credible polls on Dec 7, which would help Ghana further consolidate its 24 years of democratic and electoral success.

Speaking on “Ghana’s 2016 elections: Processes and priorities of the Electoral Commission”, Osei urged international stakeholders to begin to hold African politicians to a higher level of scrutiny discourse during African elections; saying this would promote free, fair and transparent elections on the continent.

She dismissed claims that the EC is subject to political interference. The Commission, she said, had instituted a whole suite of legal measures to ensure that the elections are as transparent as possible.

Osei said Ghana’s electoral system was strong and more transparent than most electoral systems globally, which made it impossible for anyone to rig the election. This year, the Commission is engaging more than 145,000 staff to help conduct the polls.

She said one of the greatest challenges facing Ghana’s election is the potential for the media to call the election results ahead of the EC, which may tend to create confusion in the minds of the voting public.

“We have identified at least 81 constituencies as hotspots with the probability of election-related violence and we are working closely with the police, who have themselves identified more than 5,000 polling stations as hotspots,” she said.