Ghanaians urged to patronise life financial insurance plans

Accra- Ghanaians have been urged to subscribe to life insurance policies and initiate strong financial plans to secure themselves for unforeseen future challenges.

Rev Dr Nanayaa OwusuPrempeh, Executive Director of Spirit Soul and Body Workshop (SSBW), who made the call, said people should begin to consider purchasing life insurance to secure the future for themselves and their love ones.

Dr. OwusuPrempeh was speaking at the monthly SSBW programme dubbed Income streams: which is mine? to educate and inform participants and the public about the need for individuals to secure their future with life insurance policies and strong financial plans.

The SSWB is a programme that is organised monthly to educate people on issues that affect everyone and changing the lives of people in the society. The programme aims at empowering people to bring the best out of their lives for the good of society.

She stated that income was not forever guaranteed, adding that many families might face problems should their breadwinners die without a term insurance.

“Many people are driving without autoinsurance; people are living without life insurance. People have property and don’t insure them which is risky,” she said.

Mrs OwusuPrempeh said life insurance was for everybody especially the less privileged in the society.

She further stressed on the need for people especially the poor to have better financial plans to secure their futures.

“The people who must save are even the people who don’t have. The fact that you don’t have is the more reason you should save money,” she said.

Mr Emmanuel Bugyei, Senior Executive Officer of First Insurance, advised against the concentration in the ‘cash value type insurance’ saying that although it looked attractive it did not help.

He said the ‘cash value insurance’ was one that combined savings and insurance and the ‘term insurance’ was the best kind of insurance that could take care of a registered member’s family should an unfortunate thing like death occur.

He said life insurance was meant for the continuity of the lives of people, whose family depended on him, adding that life insurance was about income protection.

Mr Charles Mensah, the Managing Director of Trust Consult Limited, also urged Ghanaians to cultivate the habit of having multiple sources of income,

He said most Ghanaians lived from paycheque to paycheque, thus solely dependent on monthly salaries and wages, which he said was dangerous to the survival of the people.

Mr Mensah said people should take advantage of the opportunities that were around the communities, adding that it would uplift the financial fortunes of Ghanaians and secure their futures.

Source: Ghana News Agency