Ghanaians throng the Black Star Square Beach

Accra, Some Ghanaians have on Monday thronged the Black Star Square Beach to climax the Easter celebrations which started last Thursday.

Patrons started coming to the beach in their numbers around 11am. While some come in twos and threes, others come in a batch of close to 15 to 20 patrons.

Amidst swimming, playing of music and dancing, the over thousand patrons thronged the beach to have fun.

To some, it was their first time of coming to the beach while it was a usual experience for others.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA), Ms Dzigbordi Agbevanu, a patron said it was her second time of going to the beach.

She said: “I came to the beach to have fun and release stress looking at the stressful nature of my work.”

While others came to have fun, it was a booming business day for investors who had come there with their wares.

With an entrance fee of GH1.00, patrons are allowed access to the beach with the purpose of keeping the place clean after they had left.

Mr Jacob Appiah, a patron said he came to beach purposely to release stress from his busy schedule as a mechanic.

He said he usually comes to the beach more often adding, “I usually come here on Sundays to swim to release the stress that have mounted over the week from my work.

It has become a convention for many Ghanaians to visit beaches to spend more time with family, friends and loved ones on holidays and this Easter season was not an exception.

Most of the patrons were made up of youth within the ages of 13 to 30 years with few elderly ones.

Source: Ghana News Agency