Ghanaians need anger to ensure the right thing is done – Pastor

Accra, The Reverend Dr Anthony Cudjoe, Head Pastor of the Calvary Temple of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) has stated that unless Ghanaians become angry with their own bad attitudes and have a change of mind, Ghana will continue to retrogress.

Until this anger pushed the citizens to ensure that the right thing was done, the people should not expect that anything would change, he stressed.

Rev Cudjoe was preaching at a special service held at the Church at Sakumono in Accra on Sunday.

The message was entitled The Power of Exposure.

He was not happy about how some Ghanaians, especially, Christians were exposed to practices that made certain countries developed yet failed to implement them in their own country.

Others also, he noted, misbehaved in the name of their political affiliations, which he said did not augur well for the growth of the country.

Rev Dr Cudjoe cited where road contractors did shoddy works and would go unpunished because the contracts were awarded to them due to their loyalty to a political party in power.

He said roads that were supposed to last longer only get damaged after a short period of time and the reason being that the right amount of materials were not used as a result of the cuts received by the awardee.

He observed that greater part of the traffic jams in the cities were artificially created as hawkers as well as other market women have left their stores in the markets to sell by the road side.

Among all these people are the same found in the church and in spite of all the messages they hear in Church and the exposure, they are still villagers in Christ Jesus.

The Minister of God called on all the citizenry to live lives worthy of emulation by contributing their quota to national development.

Source: Ghana News Agency