ACCRA, FIFA President Gianni Infantino has assured that as part of his reforms to help invest and develop football in Africa, the continent will definitely have more than seven representatives at the FIFA World Cup after QATAR 2022.

“Africa has been my biggest priority, since I assumed this position; we have to help develop football on this continent, there is a potential and we have to exploit it not only with words but with concrete actions and we have started putting them in place and together we can make the difference,” he said during his one-day visit to Ghana Monday.

“Many people thought my promises were just propaganda, but I have the habit of putting actions behind words, I do my best to achieve my set targets. I said during my campaign that when I’m elected as president, my General Secretary would not come from Europe but Africa and now in the history of FIFA, the General Secretary is a female from Africa.

“We have also increased the number of members of the FIFA Executive board from four to seven and one of these seven is Mr Kwasi Nyantakyi (president of the Ghana Football Association), who is representing Africa.

“I said in my campaign that we should have 40 teams in the World Cup and out of the 40, seven must come from Africa, others were not in agreement or support with this including Africa, but what we have done afterwards is not only increasing to 40 but to 48 teams and Africa representation will definitely be more than seven. We are not certain on the precise number but I am sure it will certainly be more.”

According to Infantino, “We have opened the door for African representatives to come and assist as in our summit all over the world. We have organized meetings in Paris, Doha, and Johannesburg and next week we will be in London. I know with this, we can exchange great networks and assist each other,” he said.

“There have been goal projects for Africa over the years and until last year FIFA was investing 27 million dollars, every for the Africa association, after being elected, FIFA is investing 94 million US dollars in Africa every year and this has been allocated for the development of Africa football.

“There is such a big passion for football in Africa and we need to channel a little bit of this passion to structuring, the future will become present for all of us.”