Ghana to participate in footballnet programme – Mr. Diack

Accra- Mr. Alassane Diack, the OlympAfrica Executive Director, has said young Ghanaian football players will have the opportunity to take part in the next Footballnet (7-a-side) football competition, following their re-admission into the OlympaAfrica Project.

According to him, the Amasaman Juvenile Sports Excellence Centre had taken a good shape and must be utilised to unearth and groom future leaders for the nation.

Speaking at the press briefing on his visit at the Olympic House at Ridge in Accra, he commended the current president of the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC), Mr. Ben Nunoo Mensah for working hard over the past two and a half years for his efforts to make the dream a reality.

Mr. Diack noted that the OlympAfrica projects, were for the development of talents and to mould respectful and disciplined citizens.

He said the chiefs and people of Amasaman are going to benefit from the project, as the basic schools would compete in the Footballnet programme comprising male and female children between 11 years to 14 years.

The winners would face the Republic of Togo in an international competition.

He said the aim of OlympAfrica was not about winning, but values to teach the children how to live together and create a better world.

He hinted that the project was supported by Barcelona FC and the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and created an opportunity for children to see their idol football stars.

He promised to support the construction of a multi-purpose court to allow children to play basketball, volleyball, handball, and others before tackling the whole project with OlympAfrica funding as Ghana had now been accepted into the family.

It’s a shame that there is no OlympAfrica Centre in Ghana he stressed, but with the dynamic leadership of Ben Nunoo Mensah, things would be better.

He announced that it was sad Ghana, had never benefited like other 51 African countries.

He noted that the Amasaman project was not to build an Olympic stadium, but a centre for children between the ages of five to 15 years, where they can play to discover their talents and skills, as well as engage in other social development activities.

Mr. Diack urged the media to keep on supporting sportsmen and officials, adding that without them it would be difficult for many people to be seen or known, or projects to be completed as scheduled.

At OlympAfrica, we are very transparent, and ensure accountability, so when Ghana is admitted they must be open and work hard to maintain and sustain the facility, he added.

He advised Ghana to intensify preparations for the hosting of the 2023 African Games, adding that the nation must have well-trained coaches and top athletes to compete and win medals at the competition.

Source: Ghana News Agency