The Tour Operators Union of Ghana (TOUGHA) has signed a multiple destination agreement with South Africa aimed at promoting tourism between the two countries by facilitating tourists to tour major cities in the two countries.

Nancy O. Sam, the president of TOUGHA, told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at the just ended Akwaaba Travel Market event in Lagos, Nigeria, that the Union had in the past two years been familiarising countries in Africa on the concept of multiple-destination travel.

“It also for promoting each other so that when you go to the South Africa information desk they will not sell only South Africa but will also showcase Ghana,” she said, “We are encouraging this destination whereby the monies that come to Africa stays in Africa,” she said.

“Ghana is the gateway to West Africa and if you a serious tour operator or tourism personnel or a country that really wants to penetrate West Africa, Ghana is the country to look at and this is something which South Africa has identified.”

Sam said South Africa had recognized the potential of flying from Washington to Accra which makes their market very big. She said South Africa has started with Ghana and other countries had also come on board.

She said Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana had also embraced the concept and believe it was a very good concept for Africans to sell Africa.



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