Ghana Muslim Mission fetes over thousand orphans in Eid-ul-Adha celebration

Accra, As part of the celebration of this year’s Eid-ul-Adha festivity, the Ghana Muslim Mission (GMM), Greater Accra Region, on Sunday fed over thousand orphans, widows and widowers in a grand feast.

The beneficiaries including; non-Muslims also received donations of clothing, footwear and fresh beef.

The celebration also saw the Muslims praying for the progress and sustenance of peace in the country.

Mr Ahmed Adjei Adjetey, the Deputy Regional Imam, GMM, Greater Accra told the Ghana News Agency in an interview that the celebration was a call on all Muslims to sacrifice what was precious to them to please Allah.

This important day is used to commemorate the symbolic attempt of the Prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice his only son, Ishmael for God. That should remind us to always sacrifice and share the little food, drinks, clothing and everything we have with the needy, he said.

The Quran, he said, taught Muslims to sacrifice what was most important to them for the sake of Allah if they wanted to be righteous and blessed.

The act of giving or sacrificing is not supposed to be done only on festivities like this, but throughout one’s lifetime, he cautioned.

Mr Adjetey noted that sometimes, some youth over celebrated the festivity and ended up tarnishing the good image of Islam, which needed to be discouraged.

He, therefore, asked them to stay focused and celebrate within the limits set by the Quran to achieve the objective of the celebration.

The Deputy Regional Imam also appealed to them to stay out of trouble and be patient as the Quran taught them even on instances when they were provoked.

My brothers and sisters, I plead with you to be patient even when you are provoked and react within the limits of the Quran so that we are not seen as the violent ones, he said.

Mrs Qaneeta Paddi-Quaye, the Deputy Greater Accra Regional Organizer, GMM told the Ghana News Agency that the act of feeding the orphans and widows commenced last year.

Some Muslims and non-Muslims, she said, could sleep hungry when not fed by anyone, meanwhile the Quran taught them to make such vulnerable and needy people happy on such days and all other days to be blessed.

Mrs Paddi-Quaye urged Muslims to share with the needy to put smiles on their faces and fulfil the commandments of Allah.

She expressed gratitude to benevolent individuals and organisations that donated in cash and kind to the public through the Mission, and appealed to other abled persons to help them to continue to touch lives.

We appeal to all Muslims to celebrate the festivity per the tenets of the Quran and not succumb to malpractices during this season to stay out of trouble, she added.

The Ghana Muslim Mission is a Non-governmental, non-denominational Islamic Religious Organisation that teaches Muslims and Non-Muslims about the tenets of the Quran and practices of the Islamic Religion.

It also mobilises resources to promote the welfare of Muslims and the development of the nation.

Source: Ghana News Agency