The Ghana Living Standard Survey Round Seven (GLSS7) has been launched at Winneba in the Central region.

The GLSS is one of the flagship surveys undertaken by the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) to provide data and information in fulfillment of its mandate, which provides a wealth of information for the measuring of the welfare of the population.

The objectives of the survey include the collection of data for the estimation of poverty indices at the national and sub-national levels, provision of indicators on employment and labour underutilization, which will serve as a basis for the construction of a new basket for the re-basing of the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Speaking at the launch, the Deputy Director in charge of operations, Mr. Anthony Amuzu, explained the nature of the survey which, he said, would involve data collection covering the entire country with one thousand enumeration areas and fifteen households in each cluster to make a total of 15,000 households.

On survey instruments, Mr. Amuzu said data collection would consist of household, community and price questionnaires.

He, therefore, appealed to the general public, community leaders and households to give data collectors their maximum co-operation by giving the right information.

In a statement, Mrs Teki Akwette, Chief Executive Officer, Data Protection Commission, implored enumerators to exhibit the highest standards of professionalism by respecting the right to privacy and data collection conducted with outmost privacy while ensuring that information was accurate, respected and protected.

Mrs Akwettey stressed the need for confidentiality while protecting those giving out information.

Professor Robert Osei Darko, Vice Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, University of Ghana and chairman for the occasion, underscored the importance of planning as critical for the development of any nation, adding that ‘you cannot plan if you don’t have data’.

Prof. Darko also urged the enumerators to be good ambassadors for the Statistical Service and called on all to give accurate information for the betterment and development of the nation as a whole.

Source: Government of Ghana