Ghana Is Lacking Behind But I Will Change Things When Given The Opportunity – Kofi Akpaloo

The Founder and Leader of the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG), Kofi Akpaloo has described Ghana as a country lacking behind in terms of development and has vowed to change the fortunes of Ghanaians when given the opportunity to serve his country as President.

The 2016 Presidential candidate in an interview with Omega Live Tv in UK has reiterated his desire to become president and says it is his vision to improve and take Ghana forward to where it should have been after all these years after gaining independence.

It is my dream to become President of Ghana so that I can improve and take the country forward to where God wants it to be. When you look at Ghana from 1957 to the current administration, things have not gone the way it should have, Mr. Akpaloo shared.

He further commended the past administrations of government for playing their part in a bid to take Ghana to the next level. He however insist their effort were not enough and due to that we are still lacking behind as a country. The former Presidential Candidate is confident when given the nod to serve as the first gentle man of the country he will be able to surpass the achievement of past government to make the country better.

Previous administrations have all done their part but we are still lacking behind. We are now witnessing the Akufo-Addo regime and he is also doing what he can do. All the past Presidents had good vision to help the country go forward but we are still lacking behind. And that is what motivates me. That’s what they have been able to achieve. If I also get the opportunity I will be able to do more and achieve something beyond the imagination of Ghanaians

He continued Maybe am the only one who sees this but I believe what is making Africa lack behind is capital formation. We are not able to raise capital and that is our biggest problem. Even the smallest project that we want to undertake we always have to go for grants from foreign countries before we are able to do it. We are not able to raise money among ourselves.

Mr. Kofi Akpaloo adds that it is his vision for Ghanaians to own our own resources whiles utilizing the human resource we have to develop what we have. He is optimistic that it will help us to develop as a country when we blend it with other policies he will be implementing when given the nod to lead the country.

Source: Modern Ghana