Ghana inaugurates Multi-Sector International Exhibition

Accra- Ghana’s largest Multi-Sector International Exhibition has been inaugurated in Accra to promote bilateral trade and business relationships among Ghana and involved countries.

The exhibition ceremony which was organised by Exhibitions Masters, a Ghanaian company in collaboration with Fair Act Exhibitions, an Indian exhibition company and Very Fair Exhibition, an exhibition company from Dubai was to create new acquaintances in terms of partnership between local and foreign industries.

The ceremony saw more than 150 companies from 15 countries including; Ghana, China, India, Turkey, Hong-Kong, Thailand, South Africa, Dubai, the United Kingdom, Nigeria, La Cote D’Ivoire, South Korea, and Rwanda exhibiting over 300 brands.

Brands were displayed from power and energy, construction, automobiles, and spare parts companies.

Items displayed from power and energy companies included; generators, transformers, smart electrometers, solar panels, copper cables, power saving electrical appliances, renewable energy gadgets and new smart system tools for regulating power.

The Construction and Automobile industries also displayed iron rods, iron steel, window frames, and cars and spare parts.

Mr Prince Hari Crystal, Managing Director of Exhibition Masters told the Ghana News Agency in an interview that the initiative was to foster economic growth among the nations involved.

He said: These foreign companies that have taken part in the exhibition are not looking at competing with the local industries, but to look for agents who can market their products in the sub region and franchise deals.

Mr Hari Crystal said there was no particular criteria in selection of the countries involved in the ceremony and that they were willing to partner more countries each year.

He mentioned that B5 Plus as a Ghanaian iron and steel company as one of their main sponsors, Reroy group, dealers in cables, the Honda Place Ghana Limited, dealers in Honda and Hyundai cars, Stallion Group with Audi and Skoda cars, Perez energy, Worktech Engineering, and New Lucky Electrical as some of the Ghanaian companies that were involved in the exhibition.

He noted that the portfolio of exhibitions determined the brands that were involved in the event, adding that Africa and some parts of the world still had challenges in energy and power, hence the focus on those sectors.

The foreign companies have confirmed and therefore consider Ghana as a base of operations in Africa and a safe zone where economic stability, political stability makes it a fairer place to do businesses, he said.

Mr Hari Crystal explained that the ceremony also observed the third Power Elec 2018, second construct Ghana 2018, second Auto parts West Africa, second Ghana Motor show and Ghana Mine Expo 2018, all being initiatives designed to make to boost the power, energy, construction, automobile, and Mining sectors in Ghana and participating countries.

He said the event was going to include a conference to deliberate on power on the next day as they had objectives of making Ghana a power house for the sub region and would be organised in collaboration with Nuclear Power Institute of the Ghana Atomic energy Commission, Volta River Authority and the Ghana Grid Company Limited.

Delivering the keynote address, Dr Joseph Obeng, Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA) said he believed the platform was a privilege for both foreign and local companies to benefit from each other.

He urged foreign companies that were capable of supporting Ghana in terms of power, energy, construction and other businesses to support the country, adding that: Ghana is a very friendly country that accepts business partnerships and operates industriously when it comes to doing businesses.

Mr Birender Singh Yadav, Indian High Commissioner to Ghana addressing participants at the ceremony said even though India had good business relations with Ghana, it was willing to go the extra mile to help promote and develop its automobile, power, construction, electrical sector.

He noted that measures had been undertaken to reduce challenges associated with climate change in Ghana, adding that the world needed operation and not competition, hence the need for countries to support each other.

Mr Singh Yadav advised countries involved in the ceremony to be guided by principles adding that India had become the sixth largest economy in world and therefore was hoping to be the fifth next year.

Source: Ghana News Agency