ACCRA, Ghana is hosting the 4th Annual Conference of the African Federation of Institutes of Internal Auditors (AFIIA), the regional body of the Global Institute of Internal Auditors, this week to deliberate on risk management and corporate governance.

The four-day event, being held in collaboration with the Institute of Internal Auditors Ghana (IIA-Ghana), begins on Tuesday with a workshop on Enhancing Governance Effectiveness with Insightful Internal Audit, which is designed to share ideas with participants on corporate governance effectiveness, strategies for enhancing oversight responsibility and bridging the gap of understanding between internal auditors, boards and management.

The workshop is also meant to further equip the Board, Chief Executive Officers and Audit Committee members to perform their oversight responsibilities effectively, says Parity Twinomujuni, the Chairman of the AFIIA.

He added here monday that the conference, to be held from Wednesday to Friday, aimed to boost capacity of professionals on risk management processes, control processes, and governance processes to help organizations achieve their goals.

One of the major things is to build the capacity and we are building the capacity of the leaders of the Institute, board and Chief Executive Officers as well as the capacity of the individual internal auditors, he said.

In doing so, the conference would try to bring concepts and models which are globally recognized and things which have been done elsewhere to the attention of the internal auditors and how they can be adapted to deal with governance problems.

Richard Chambers, the president and CEO of IIA Global, said the conference would look at what it takes to be a successful internal auditor in the 21st century and focus on risk in business operations, technology, among others which organizations face.

He said the Global Institute was working to provide members worldwide with the resources which would allow them to identify where risks were for fraud and corruption, so that they could be reported to the appropriate authorities.