ACCRA– The Ghana Health Service (GHS) has warned the public to ensure cholera is prevented as the country enters the peak season for the disease during the rainy season.

Dr Nsiah Asare, the GHS director-general, said in a statement here Thursday that cholera is a preventable disease and the people must endeavour to consume safe water and proper sanitation practices are adhered to.

He said cholera could be prevented by improved environmental sanitation, personal hygiene, drinking safe water and frequent hand washing with soap under running water.

Dr Asare said people with suspected cholera should report to the nearest health facility without delay since early reporting saves live.

He said persons with cholera lose lot of water and salt rapidly and become very weak and extremely thirsty.

They must receive early treatment to minimise the weakness progress which could gradually lead to death.

Protect yourselves and families from cholera and other diarrheal diseases by drinking and using safe water, use latrines or bury your faeces, cook food well (especially seafood), eat hot meals, keep food covered, wash fruits and vegetables before consumption and keep kitchens and places where family bath and wash clothes clean at all times, he advised.