Geological Survey Authority appeal for assistance to improve upon its data transmission systems

Accra- The Ghana Geological Survey Authority (GGSA), has appealed to the government and all other stake-holders, to assist in improving the authority’s data transmission systems.

This would make it possible for the GGSA to do accurate assessment of earthquakes, which is crucial to the protection of life and property, in the event of an earthquake.

Mr. Nicholas Opoku, Senior Seismologist at the Ghana Geological Survey Authority, said this in an interview with the Ghana News Agency(GNA), following an Earth tremor which was felt in a number of areas within the Greater Accra region on Sunday December 10th, 2018.

Mr. Opoku told the GNA that whilst the GGSA could confirm the tremor, it could not determine the exact centre of it, because of inaccuracies with its data transmission systems.

These electronic gadgets. They can fail at any time. We lack adequate funding for maintenance, he said.

Mr. Opoku said Accra was an earthquake prone zone, because the country’s capital had what he termed as fault zones or fault lines running through it.

The senior seismologist said these fault lines indicated the potential of an earth quake.

He advised that geological scientists be involved in the construction of buildings, in order to ensure that the right advice is given, in case a prospective building site might fall within an earthquake prone area.

Mr. Opoku said earth tremors warned of a pending major earthquake one that could do real damage but there is no way of predicting that now.

He said it was therefore important to be ready for such an event, because Sunday’s tremor was one in a number of small tremors that had also occurred in parts of Accra over a period of time.

Sunday’s tremor was experienced in some parts of Accra, including Akweteman, near Achimota, Gbawe and Weija.

It was estimated to have measured four on the Richter Scale.

Four is not that serious. It is however not a micro earthquake because a micro one is between three and three point five on the Richter scale. This is a small earthquake, Mr. Opoku said.

No casualties have been reported on the incident so far.

Source: Ghana News Agency