GCIC to undertake climate change walk

Accra, – As part of its climate action advocacy mandate, the Ghana Climate Innovation Centre (GCIC), would undertake a walk called the Green Run to create awareness on climate change and its adverse impacts.

It seeks to draw attention of the public on climate action solutions of Ghana’s leading businesses and entrepreneurs incubated by GCIC’s business incubator since 2016.

The Centre which said this in a statement copied to the Ghana News Agency stated that the walk scheduled on Saturday, December 7 in Accra, is expected to cover seven kilometres.

It called on the public to participate in the Green Run because Africa was the hardest hit and one of the most vulnerable continents in the world.

Ms Ruka Sanusi, the Executive Director of GCIC, was quoted as saying: Unless we take action, in the near future, climate change will contribute to decreases in food production, increase floods and inundation of coastal zones, spread of waterborne diseases as well changes in natural ecosystems and loss of biodiversity.

It could also potentially lead to increased levels of internal rural/urban migration, and reduce levels of employment – for without environmental and ecological protection and prosperity, economic growth would be limited.

Ms Sanusi said the GCIC was focused on contributing to that reduction and securing economic development as well as ecological prosperity through nurturing responsible enterprises.

In line with the mission of Ashesi University to raise ethical entrepreneurial leaders in Africa, at GCIC we are raising and supporting transformational entrepreneurs and influencing the development of an equally transformational entrepreneurial ecosystem � one which specifically responds to the pressing issue of climate change and its impact on everyday life in Ghana, she said.

She also said whilst many people were aware of and experience the change in weather patterns, many did not know how their lifestyles and consumer choices contributed to global warming.

She was of the view that the event would raise awareness on how to take steps to reduce the increased levels of global warming at all levels including governmental and private sector.

Founded in 2016, the GCIC is a pioneering business incubator with a unique focus of supporting SME ventures and entrepreneurs in Ghana’s Green Economy.

It is funded by governments of Denmark and the Netherlands through the World Bank and managed by a consortium led by Ashesi University, including Ernst and Young, SNV Ghana and the United Nations University

Source: Ghana News Agency