Fulfil your obligations on lands – Queen Mother tells developers

Accra, The Queen Mother of the Bole Traditional Area Kansawuche Bukari has criticised developers for their failure to fulfil their obligations when they acquire lands from traditional rulers.

According to the Queen mother, when developers take over community lands, they promise to provide amenities such as clinics, schools and good roads.

However, she said, after acquiring these lands, they do not fulfil the promises, thereby leading to abject poverty among inhabitants.

Kansawuche Bukari was speaking at the Annual Learning and Review Meeting on Land Grabbing in Accra.

The two-day policy dialogue meeting is on the theme: Securing Community Lands for Domestic Agricultural Production and Food Security in the Context of SDG 2.

The SDG 2 seeks to End Hunger, Achieve Food Security and Improve Nutrition and Promote Sustainable Agriculture.

Kansawuche Bukari, who is also the President of the Northern Region Queen Mothers Association, recounted that, in Bobattor, in the Northern Region, a developer acquired 25,621.86 acres of land and made several promises to the inhabitants, but the developer failed to fulfil his promises.

He said they will allow us to use some of the fertile land to do vegetable farming and that those who did not want to work for them on the land, can still work on their own.

The developer promised to build schools, a clinic and good roads, but till date, this is the third year, and nothing has still been done, she said.

According to her, they were yet to see the social responsibility aspect of the project, even though it had been two farming seasons already.

She regretted that the social responsibility part of the agreement between the people of Bobattor and the developer was not documented.

Mr Bernard Guri, said the same developer promised to give the people of Bobattor one per cent of the contract sum, but because they did not have any legal representative, that money had not been paid. Also the land they promised to give to the women had not been allocated.

Dr Stanislaus Adiaba, Principal Lands Administrations Officer of the Lands Commission, appealed to communities and individuals, who lease out their lands, to consult the commission to provide them with guidelines relating to land leasing.

Source: Ghana News Agency