Frytol re-launches cholesterol-free Vitamin A oil

Tema- Wilmar Africa Limited on Friday re-launched its ‘Frytol cholesterol-free oil, rich in Vitamin A, to enhance the health of consumers.

The re-launch was also used as a platform to disabuse the minds of consumers about speculations that frytol is high in cholesterol.

It commenced with healthy diet campaign, which saw representatives from the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) and the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) discussing the need for the public to ‘love their food and love their life’ by using Frytol.

Mr Kwame Wiafe, the General Manager of Wilmar Africa Limited, said the Company did not add any chemicals to the rebranded oil, which was processed through a mechanical method.

Wilmar Africa Ltd, which acquired the company from Unilever Ghana in 2010, has enhanced production from 200 metric tonnes a day to 1000 by investing in a state-of-the-art facility.

Dr Frank Serebour, the Vice President of the Ghana Medical Association, said Vitamin A boosted the immune system, helped children with diarrheal diseases, improved eye sight and protected the respiratory system.

He explained that cholesterol is a fat-like substance, which belongs to the lipids group, adding that high cholesterol is one of the major controllable risk factors for coronary heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

He said the body synthesised about 75 per cent of its cholesterol needs while 25 per cent was derived from external food sources including meat, dairy products and processed foods.

Dr Serebour advised the public to desist from taking too much meat because it has high content of cholesterol.

One’s cholesterol level can be affected by his or her age, gender, family health history and diet, he said.

He said Vitamin A was part of the GMA’s normal immunisation system because it provided many health benefits.

Dr Serebour said the Association endorsed the product due to its cholesterol-free and high Vitamin A content and also because Frytol was locally manufactured, which contributed to socio-economic development.

Mr Kofi Essel, the Head of Food Industrial Support Services, FDA, said the Authority had assessed the operations of Wilmar Africa, and tested samples of the refined Frytol before approving it.

He said the laboratory results generated by FDA matched the results received from Wilmar Africa, hence the reason for the Authority’s endorsement.

He explained that what was missing from the oil on its first test by the FDA was the Vitamin A content, which is generally found in Palm Oil.

Therefore processing palm oil through series of mechanical refinery to remove the cholesterol and colour to produce vegetable oil makes it lose its vitamin A, which wasn’t a good step because Vitamin A gives the body varied nutrients, he said.

Mr Essel noted that the FDA therefore recommended that the oil be restored with the Vitamin A to give it the desired nutritional value.

Source: Ghana News Agency