Four vow to work together to fight terrorism, organized crimes

KHARTOUM- Sudan, Libya, Chad and Niger on Thursday agreed to enhance cooperation in combating security challenges, including terrorism and organized crimes on their borders.

The third ministerial meeting on enhancing cooperation in the field of securing and monitoring joint borders among Sudan, Libya, Niger and Chad kicked off in the Sudanese capital Khartoum.

Sudan’s Foreign Minister Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed, addressing the opening session, underlined the importance of relaunching the joint operation centre to exchange information among the four countries.

He said that the success of the Sudanese-Chadian forces in securing the borders between the two countries gave an example of what joint work can achieve.

Libya’s Foreign Minister Mohamed Taher Siala also underlined the importance of the united efforts by the four countries to deal with the security challenges of terrorism, organized crimes and illegal immigration.

Nigerien Defense Minister Kalla Mountari called for speeding up joint coordination to secure the borders.

He said the countries of the region are facing challenges that need a common will to tackle, mainly through establishing mechanisms for exchanging information about the border security.

Chadian Foreign Minister Mahamat Zene Cherif said that the cooperation among the four countries would continue until all aspired goals are achieved.

Last June, the four countries signed a framework agreement in the Chadian capital N’Djamena to control and monitor their common borders.

The deal stipulated steering joint patrols on the borders, exchanging information, establishing a centre for joint operations, and implementing development projects along the joint borders.

Source: Ghana News Agency