Follow the process to be fruitful in 2022—Reverend Agyeman

The Reverend Emmanuel Franklin Agyeman, Senior Pastor of the Banner of Grace Ministries, has urged Christians to follow established processes to have the fruitfulness they deserved in the New Year.


Rev Agyeman gave the advice during the Church’s December 31 watch night service to usher in the year 2022 amid singing, dancing, prayers, declarations and jubilations.


Rev. Agyeman, who declared the year 2022 as the year of fruitfulness for members of the church, emphasized that scriptures were explicit about the fact that everyone had an hour for his or her progress and fruitfulness.


However, progress is achieved through various processes.


According to him, the first process was to be in the right environment, explaining that the parable of the sower in the Bible showed that all the seeds had the potential to grow but the environment that it fell determined its outcome.


The second requirement for fruitfulness, he noted, was the ability of a person to isolate from some things, stressing that “loneliness is not always a curse, it can bring the potential in you out, it is a principle for growth”.


Rev. Agyeman further said there was also the need for Christians to die to the things of the flesh, including alcoholism and sexual immoralities, among others.


He cautioned that failure to discipline oneself against such things would mean such promised blessings of fruitfulness from God would only sound like a jingle in their minds without seeing its manifestation.


He said the fourth and fifth processes respectively were the need to water one’s expectations with the studying of the Word of God and fertilize it by surrounding oneself with encouragers who would help them to achieve their aims.


“No matter how spiritual you are, if you surround yourself with people who will discourage you, you cannot make it,” he emphasized.


The Banner of Grace Senior Pastor also noted that there was the need to use good networking as the sunshine for the good things that Christians expected to be fruitful in the year 2022.


He explained that three things were needed in everyone’s life – hard work, networking and smart work.


Rev. Agyeman indicated that just like plants, Christians must prune themselves as part of the processes to fruitfulness by cutting off unacceptable behaviours such as disrespectfulness, laziness, impulse buying and covetousness, among others.


He said above all Christians must give themselves time and patient to grow, “you can’t force the seed to grow, you must give it time, learn to give yourself time to be fruitful.”


Source: Modern Ghana

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