First Lady present items to two Special schools

Akropong-Akwampem (E/R), The First Lady, Mrs Rebecca Akufo Addo, has presented assorted items to the Akropong School for the Blind and the Demonstration School for the Deaf at Mampong Akwapem in Eastern Region to help in the upkeep of the pupils and students.

The items that included mackintosh mattresses, dinning furniture, bags of rice and sugar, some beverages, sanitary pads, and toys as well as Samaritan purse were requested by the two special schools which educate visually impaired aged from four years to24 years and the deaf and dumb.

Mrs Akufo Addo, who doubles as an automatic patron of the Akropong School for the Blind, presented the items to help alleviate the sufferings of the schools as part of a working visit.

At the Demonstration School for the Deaf, the Assistant Headmaster, Mr Goodluck Akufo Kpeli, said the School aimed at educating the deaf and the blind and equipping them with skills that would make them live independent lives.

He said in the 50 years of the existence of the school, government had been very supportive to the school but it was still facing many challenges as the number of students intake continued to increase with many more students who were still seeking admissions.

He said the School’s new dormitory block, and the Vocational block, all under construction needed to be completed while an assembly hall complex, an ICT centre and administration blocks were urgently needed to enable students live and learn better.

He also appealed to the First Lady to adopt the School as its Patron and facilitate the completion of the various ongoing projects in the school.

At the Akropong School for the Blind, Mrs Mahela Narh, the Headmistress, expressed appreciation to the government for taking particular interest in the school and for providing the needs of the students.

She particularly thanked Mrs Akufo Addo for the kind attention she had given to the School since she took over as the current First Lady of the country.

Since the First Lady took over, she has been so helpful to the School and providing a lot of assistance to the School, Mrs Narh noted.

She particularly thanked Mrs Akufo Addo for the mackintosh mattresses that would be of great benefit to all the student population.

Mrs Narh however requested that government’s ban on new employment to the public sector should be lifted to enable the school employ more security personnel to guard and protect the School.

She said the School needed more labourers who would help keep it tidy since the blind students could not help keep the place because of their disability.

She further appealed that a nurse or medical doctor should be attached to the School’s hospital to provide proper care for the students.

The First Lady appreciated the staff of the two schools for their hard work in helping educate and provide skills to the students to enable them become useful citizens.

She said since the government alone could not provide the needs of the citizens, she under her Rebecca Foundation decided to help out by donating the requested items as well as some others that could be beneficial to pupils and students.

She assured that the government would do its best to deal with challenges in the education sector, and urged all to support government to attain its good programmes for Ghanaians.

The Government is very dedicated to the affairs of the country and so the people should put their trust in him. He will not fail, the First Lady assured.

Meanwhile, the First Lady has assured that she would ensure the that the needs of the two schools were provided, adding that she would facilitate the establishment of a music school for the Blind School since students there were also trained to sing beautifully.

Source: Ghana News Agency