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Feeding Census officials with false information is a crime – DCE

Ada, (Near Tema), Ms Sarah Dugbakie Pobee, District Chief Executive, Ada East District Assembly has called on Ghanaians to provide accurate information to Census Field Officers during the ongoing Census exercise to aid national development agenda.

“Intentionally feeding the officials with false information is a crime and we must avoid it, provision of false information would lead to arrest and subsequent prosecution, understand that data collated would be used for development purposes and planning,” Ms Pobee stated at Ada during an investment forum.

The investment forum was organized by the Assembly in collaboration with key development partners to enlighten the residents on projects that will be undertaken in the District, while exposing the investor community to other opportunities to consider for investment.

She therefore urged the residents to cooperate with the Census Field Officers, stressing that information provided was classified as confidential.

Ms Pobee expressed concern to the Ghana News Agency on the sidelines of the forum that some residents were impeding the work of the Census Field Officials, “this is not good for our district, we must participate fully to ensure that we know the population of Ada East, our numbers would serve as our strength to lobby for investment”.

The Adad East DCE added that the intention of the enumeration exercise was to measure the accurate size of the country’s population to provide relevant demographic data that will enhance national development plans.

“For our district in particular, the enumeration would provide us with accurate data of the population, age demography, gender, education, religious background, and other vital information needed for development,” she said.

Ms Pobee “said the total population of the Ada was about 49,000 in 2010, as such, it was expected that the number would increase, we need the total number of the people in Ada to initiate developmental projects in the District.

She urged the participants including some members from the traditional Council, market women, some representative of the GPRTU, Assembly Members of all the Election Areas in the District to share the message in their respective communities to enhance effective participation of the people in the census exercise.

“I am pleading with all stakeholders to tell the people in your various communities to open up to the field officers and answer questions they ask correctly, the information is needed for national development,” she said.


Source: Ghana News Agency