FAO announces the results of its Media award in the Near East and North Africa: A promising participation, and the next round in 2018

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) announced today the results of its first Media Award for the Near East and North Africa. Twenty journalists from different countries in the region participated with more than 50 print media, online, TV and Radio reports, covering many vital topics relating to food and agriculture.

Mr. Nabil Gangi, FAO Deputy Regional Representative for the Near East and North Africa, who presided the jury of the award said that the entries for the first regional award, were rich, diverse and professional. The results were very close among the finalists. Hence, FAO has decided to create an additional category for Audio Visual participations, due to the abundance of participations and the high quality of reports and articles.rdquo;

Mr. Gangi added the jury team in Cairo and Rome, in addition to independent jurors, evaluated each participation with an eye for innovation, accuracy, compatibility with FAO priorities, in addition to the extent of the demonstrated consultations with beneficiaries and stakeholders like farmers, government entities and other concerned parties.rdquo;

The winner from the print media category was Ms. Khetam Melkawi, with a report on Urban gardening project’s pilot phase in Mafraq, Irbid bears fruitsrdquo;, followed by Mr. Yasser El-Makhtoum with his report on Planting Algae in the Shishawa area in Morocco, and third was Mr. Taha Hassib whose winning article was about Development of agriculture in Abu Dhabi on the road to sustainability.

For the Audio Visual category, Mr. Aysar El-Barghouthy won with his comprehensive documentary report on Losses in the Palestinian olive oil. Mr. El-Barghouty further claims the second winning place for his report on Honey production as a bread earning activity for Palestinian families. In third place, Mr. Ahmed Mehran is recognized for his report on Obstacles to wheat harvesting in Egypt.

The jury particularly recognized participations that showed involvement of stakeholders on the topics covered; as one of the primary goals from the competition was to encourage investigative reporting in food and agriculture coverage.

Mr. Gangi announced that the winners will receive their awards by FAO representatives in their respective counties, and that the conditions and timeline of the second round, coinciding with World Food Day 2018 will be announced soon.rdquo;

FAO launched this award with the aim of increasing awareness on the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as to encouraging creative communication throughout the UN Decade of Action on Nutrition (2016 to 2025), adopted by The United Nations General Assembly: a major step towards mobilizing action around reducing hunger and improving nutrition around the worldrdquo; according to FAO.

Source: Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).