Facebook upgrades its messenger app

Hohoe (V/R)- Facebook has unveiled a redesigned “Facebook Messenger” that attempts to simplify the user interface for its 1.3 billion monthly active users.

A report copied to the Ghana News Agency said the social network began rolling out a redesigned version featuring three tabs instead of nine, saying it was going back to its roots seven years after the stand-alone app’s launch.

Stan Chudnovsky, Messenger Chief, said we build one feature after another; they’re piling up.

He said the service has grown from a simple messaging app to one that lets users make video calls, send money and more.

The updated tabs allow users to navigate between their conversations under Chats, stories and contacts at People, and Discovery, which is devoted to games and exchanges with businesses.

Facebook has positioned Messenger as a tool for businesses to efficiently handle customer questions or concerns.

It said talking to customers via the app is free but businesses can also pay for Facebook adverts that let customers start a conversation or visit their page with one click.

Messenger is part of Facebook’s effort to expand outside the social network, particularly, when it comes to staying relevant to mobile lifestyles and younger people, who have been moving away from the service.

Source: Ghana News Agency