Eyadema’s loyalists begin three day solidarity demonstrations

Ho, The ruling party in the Republic of Togo, Union for the Republic, has begun a three-day demonstration in the national capital-Lome to pledge its allegiance to President Faure Gnassingbe’s regime.

The Prime Minister, Komi Selom Klassou and some government officials were spotted early hours of Tuesday leading the demonstration for the first day.

Buses were seen conveying loyalists clad in white ‘T’ shirts with white caps from across the country to the capital.

The demonstration is in response to street protests by the opposition demanding term limits for the Presidency.

Checks by the Ghana News Agency (GNA) indicate that the counter demonstration has been peaceful, though on a relatively low key, with hardly any military or police presence.

The opposition reportedly cautioned its members to stay away from the counter demonstration as it prepares for massive protests on 6th and 7th September across the country.

Source: Ghana News Agency