Establish National Infrastructure Plan – Prince Mba

Accra, Mr Prince Bagnaba Mba, President of Forum for National Equity has suggested to government to establish a National Infrastructure Plan that will commit Politicians to strictly adhere to the development agenda of the country.

The Plan, he said would also compel succeeding governments to continue with development projects initiated by their predecessors.

Mr Mba who was speaking to the Ghana News Agency on the development agenda of the country said because there was no National Infrastructure Plan, politicians could afford to abandon laudable development projects with careless abandon.

With the existence of the plan, all handing over notes from one administration to another will provide all the necessary information on all uncompleted buildings and projects for them to execute with the necessary despatch.

He said under the current situation, good projects could easily be abandoned with execuses that contract details were not provided and called on government to consider the suggestion as an emergency that could curtail the numerous abandonment of development projects.

Having a National Infrastructure Plan will also compel government to be on its feet to garner the necessary funding to accomplish projects on schedule to make life easier for citizens, Mr Mba added.

Mr Mba the availability of the National Infrastructure Plan would also determine the number of projects to be executed annually and their durations and significance to beneficiaries.

It is embarrassing to see that government has abandoned projects that so many Cedis has been sunk into for so many years.

He appealed to all arms of government and the media to hold orientaions and fora on the issue to find out how useful it could be for the nation in coming years.

Source: Ghana News Agency