Enterprise Group supports Police Hospital

Accra, Enterprise Group, a leading insurance and financial institution has presented a cheque of GH75,000.00 to the Save a kidney, save a life Foundation.

The philanthropic gesture was made to the authorities of the Police Hospital, to contribute towards the purchase of a Dialysis Machine for the Hospital.

A statement issued to the Ghana News Agency said the presentation is also a follow up to an earlier donation made by Enterprise Insurance, a subsidiary of the Enterprise Group to the Hospital.

Mrs Amma Ansah, the General Manager-Group Human Resources, Enterprise Group, said Research shows that the annual mortality rate per 100,000 people from chronic kidney disease in Ghana has increased by 10.6% since 1990, an average of 0.5% a year. For men, the deadliness of chronic kidney disease in Ghana peaks at age 80 and above.

She added that the disease kills men at the lowest rate at age five to nine. At 192.5 deaths per 100,000 men in 2013, the peak mortality rate for men was higher than that of women, which was 135 per 100,000 women.

These bleak numbers are a call to action, and the Enterprise Group was overjoyed to have found a partner in the Police Hospital, to answer this call.

Mrs. Ansah used the platform to remind Ghanaians that health is wealth, saying there was more work to be done and more effort to be put in slowing down the rate of kidney related deaths in the country.

She was optimistic that the gesture made by the Enterprise Group would be a clarion call to all and sundry to offer their service to the health related needs of the nation.

Mr Godfred Nyanteh, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Police Hospital Dialysis Center, was overjoyed by the gesture from the Enterprise Group and lauded corporate Ghana in responding to the clarion call of help.

We all know the tagline of Enterprise to be ‘your advantage’, and indeed you have become the advantage to all who suffer from kidney related ailments, he said.

He said their offices will always have its doors open for further partnerships between Enterprise Group and the Police Hospital.

Enterprise Group is a giant in the insurance industry, with subsidiaries championing their individual industries. Its subsidiaries include Enterprise Insurance, Enterprise Life, Enterprise Trustees, Enterprise Properties and Transitions, a funeral services company.

Source: Ghana News Agency