Ensure effective cooperation prevails, Bono NCCE appeals to regional IPDC

Sunyani- The Bono Regional Office of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has appealed for an effective cooperation of the regional Inter-Party Dialogue Committee (IPDC) to ensure a peaceful, free, fair and transparent Election 2020.

Madam Doris Gbongbo, the Regional Director, made the appeal when she spoke at a capacity building/training session organised by the Commission and sponsored by the United Nations Development Programme for the members of the IPDC in Sunyani.

The Committee is constituted by representatives of political parties, civil society organisations, religious leaders, youth groups, women groups, the media, academia and People with Disabilities (PWDs).

It is to ensure that political parties would abide by the code of conduct which is usually a voluntary agreement and rules of behaviour for them and their supporters before, during and after elections for the nation’s democracy to thrive.

Madam Gbongbo said that the IPDC was formed by the Commission in 2004 and it has become necessary to reactivate it for very effective dialogue to occur on pertinent issues concerning Election 2020.

She said the IPDC is to help ensure a violence-free general elections in the country, explaining that it must ensure prompt and objective mediation between and among political parties in times of misunderstanding before degenerating into conflicts.

Madam Gbongbo urged the Committee to organise activities such as floats, fun games, funfair and a peace match as part of their mandate to promote unity and stability among the political activists in the run up to the Election 2020.

The 40-member committee elected its executive members with Monsignor Joseph Marfo Gyimah of the Catholic Church in Sunyani as its Chair.

Source: Ghana News Agency