Egypt remains continental power house after winning the 2019 African Games

Rabat, Morocco- The 2019 African Games ended on Saturday, in a grand style, with a ceremony that once again exhibited the rich culture of Morocco, coupled with the exhibition of state of the art sporting facilities.

At a beautiful closing ceremony, made of cultural exhibitions, dance, and music, power house Egypt ended the Games with 273 medals, made up of 102 gold medals, 98 silver and 73 bronze medals to win the competition again.

Egypt had been a powerful force in the continental games, and won the previous Games with 207 medals.

With 273 medals, the North Africans have retained their continental dominance and would lead the continental parade at the 2020 Olympic Games, as 15 of the 25 sporting disciplines served as qualifiers for the global games next year.

Egypt was followed by Nigeria with 127 medals, with 46 gold medals, 33 silver and 48 bronze medals to crown their efforts.

South Africa picked the third position with 87 medals, with 36 gold medals, 26 silver and 25 bronze medals, whilst Algeria placed fourth with 125 medals, which includes 33 gold medals, 32 silver and 60 bronze, with host nation Morocco placing 5th with 109 medals, with 31 gold medals, 32 silver medals and 46 bronze medals.

Togo, Benin and Guinea won two medals each whilst Lesotho, Central Africa Republic (CAR) and Cape Verde won a medal each to place the bottom of the 42 nations that found themselves on the medal table out of the 53 countries that participated.

Source: Ghana News Agency